Problem of Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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The problem 1 Cutting is not the same size with graphics and drawings
The reason of metal laser cutting machine:
1.Program input errors;
2.The positioning accuracy influence;
3. The servo motor is damage;
4.The servo drive is damaged
How we should do ?
1. Check the program;
 2. Detection of precision machine tools;
 3. Check the servo motor and servo feed drives if damaged, please replace them
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The problem 2 Inductive head alarms
The reason of metal laser cutting machine:
1. amplifiers cable is loose .
2. The nozzle is loose, or ring loose.
 3. System Problems
 The nozzle is damaged, or has iron slag.
Repair Method of metal sheet laser cutting machine:
1. Fastening
2. Fastening
3. recalibration Floating
4. Replace or clean the nozzles
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The problem 3 Motor alarms
The reason :
1.motor without electricity
2 .Motor alarms
Repair method of fiber laser cutter:
1. Motor energized, disarm the alarm
Check servo drive alarm information (see Table 1), to restart the motor power can disarm the alarm. Such as repeated alarm, please contact us.

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