Powerful Control System Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Fiber laser cutting machine is specially used in cutting thin metal materials, cutting range from 2mm to 25mm carbon steel,2mm to 20mm stainless steel. LEIMING LASER engaged in manufacturing fiber laser cutting machinefor 14 years, our products are worthy of your choice.

Our fiber laser cutting machine using real advanced open CNC system, which allows users integrate the third-party professional software or technology into system. At the same time, offering a series of open tools, which make users could arbitrarily customize their personalized interface and special function. Using our powerful control system fiber laser cutting machine to process thin metal materials greatly improve the cutting efficiency.


In next year, LEIMING LASER will continue work hard to research high quality fiber laser cutting machine to serve for our customers, we will further expand our business range to provide our products to more people. For more details about our fiber laser cutter, feel free to contact us.




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