Performance of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with Cypcut system.The system ensure the fiber laser cutter long term operation ,high precision and has the compensation function.Integrated design system improve performance of fiber laser machine.Friendly control panel,easy to operate the machine.The cutting format length is 3 meters,width is 1.5m with pallet to facilitat loading and uploading,which can meet customer's need . High precision guide rail and double-gear and double-driving can make the fiber laser cutting machine stable and fast.The fiber laser cutter is with stable structure, good rigidity, high speed, the characteristics of its positioning speed of more than 80 m/min.

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The fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with IPG, Raycus fiber and other well-known brands, to meet the needs of cutting carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal sheet, in particular, the thin sheet, to provide users with a powerful cutting capacity and efficiency.
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