Optical System Cleaning of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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The optical system is the most important parts for fiber laser cutting machine , when clean the lens. please be careful.
1)Optical lens (protective mirror,focusing mirror,etc.) surface,do not touch the hand directly, so that it is easy to cause the mirror.If there is grease or dust on the mirror,it will seriously affect the use of lenses, should be timely to clean the lens.
2)Optical lens is strictly prohibited the use of water,detergent and other cleaning.The surface of the lens is coated with a special film, and the surface of the lens can be damaged if the lens is used for cleaning the lens.
3)Do not place the lens in a dark,damp place,so that the surface of the lens will be aged.
4)Lens surface must be clean,such as stained with dust,dirt,or water vapor, easy to absorb laser damage to the lens coating;light affects the quality of the laser beam,the weight is no laser beam generated.
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5)When the lens is damaged,please replace the lens in a timely manner.
6)Do not use too much pressure when installing or replacing a protective mirror or focusing mirror,otherwise it will cause distortion of the lens,thus affecting the quality of the beam.

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