New generation fiber metal laser cutter,newer design and better performance

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In recent 10 years, the laser industry and scientific research and technology developed rapidly at home and abroad, quickly promote the development of laser processing. LEIMING laser  continue to break through in products and technologies.In 2018  we launched the fourth generation fiber laser metal cutter which include 5 models:LM3015G/LM3015G3/LM3015A3/LM3015AM3/LM3015H3/LM3015HM3.In the following paragragh I will introduce each of these models.


LM3015G and LM3015G3 is open type and single working table,is equiped with fiber power from 500w to 3000w,is used to cut metal sheet;
LM3015A3 is open type and double working table,is equiped with fiber power from 500w to 3000w,is used to cut metal plates;
LM3015AM3 is open type and double working table,it is worth mentioning that it can cut both metal sheet and metal pipe;
LM3015H3 is full protection and with double table,is equiped with fiber power from 1500w to 6000w,can cut metal sheets;
LM3015HM3 is the most advanced fiber laser cutter,which is full protection,double table and dual-use,is able to cut metal sheet and tube,the highest power of which is 12kw,can cut up to 25mm carbon steel.
LEIMING also produced laser cleaning machine and 3D robot laser cutter.And we will design more new fiber metal laser cutter in future.For more details about our fiber laser machine,feel free to contact us by sending e-mail to or add whatsapp +8615165021590, .

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