Monitoring Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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A fiber laser cutting machine with a control monitor can monitor the cutting condition in time and ensure the cutting effect. Today, our LM3015H full cover fiber laser cutting machine installed a control monitor to real time monitoring the cutting effect. This monitoring fiber laser cutting machine bring many benefits to customers.

LM3015H full protection fiber laser cutting machine with an exchange table not only saves time for feeding and laying-off, but also reduce the laser radiation to customers. With a control monitor make it possible to watch the cutting process in real time and correct it. Operator can stand out side the machine to watch the cutting process in the computer of the machine. This machine is more safe than those machine which not have full cover system. 


LEIMING LASER has been engaged in researching fiber laser cutting machine for 14 years, we try our best to provide good products to our customers. If you want a monitoring fiber laser cutting machine, contact us soon.


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