Methods for reducing loss of fiber laser cutting machine

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When using a fiber laser cutting machine, in the case of guaranteeing its cutting quality, we will try our best to reduce its loss to save costs. Is there any way to reduce its loss?

Before turn on the fiber laser cutting machine, the beam should be pushed forward and backward, and the car moves left and right , both without abnormal noise then it can be energized. After one day's work, clean the waste and debris in the machine  to avoid damage to its motion system. Clean up its moving parts so that it can maintain excellent working conditions. The specific methods are as follows

1. A small amount of lubricant should be injected into the screw, including the laser tube support and the screw on the first mirror, which can be disassembled and assembled easily during maintenance.

2. NOTE: Do not add lubricants to synchronous belts, tow chains, trachea, motors, sensors and lenses, wires.

3. No items should be placed inside the machine to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.

4.Using cotton cloth clean dust on metal oil tankers, metal shafts, sliders and linear guides, then add lubricant and perform reciprocating motion.

fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber laser cutting machine is specially used to cut metal materials. Its laser beam can up to diameter of 0.1 mm. Therefore, fiber laser cutter have high precision. It not only improve the technical content of sheet metal processing but also increase the profit margin. Therefore, everyone must be careful when operating a fiber laser cutting machine, so that the equipment can serve everyone better.


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