Methods for Solving Cutting Difficulty of Tube Fiber Laser Cutter

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There are many problems and difficulties in the laser processing of tube fiber laser cutting machine. Such as the part of the cutting point is over burnt and the corner of the part is burnt, etc. These situations will directly lead to material waste and low production efficiency. There are many methods can solve the cutting difficulty of tube fiber laser cutting machine

1, increase the pressure of oxygen, it can greatly reduce the burn area of tubes.

2, improve the sharp angle synthesis speed through the sofeware.

3, tube laser cutting machine cutting head equipped with a high degree sensing serve system to ensure that the height of the nozzle and the plane of the workpiece remains constant during the cutting process. So that the cutting effect is not affected by the change of the surface of the workpiece.


These are the methods to solve tube fiber laser cutter cutting difficulties. If you want to know more knowledge about fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact LEIMING LASER.


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