Metal Words Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Metal words can be seen everywhere in the street. They make the city more bright in the evening. Metal words are widely used in advertising industry and bring profits to businesses. The most important step in making a metal word is to cut a thin metal sheet. Using a fiber laser cutting machine to cut can be faster and better. Today LEIMING Laser will introduce a metal words fiber laser cutting machine to you. 
LM2513G metal sheet fiber laser cutter is specially used to cut thin sheet metal, it has different laser power to meet different needs. This machine has high precision and the cutting speed can up to 25m/min. Using this machine to cut metal words greatly improves the working efficiency. 
LEIMING Laser cutter is widely used in many metal materials, we are professional in manufacturing fiber laser equipment and we have satisfying after-sale service. If you want to know more about metal words fiber laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact us.

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