Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

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Customers has another choice for cutting thinner metal sheet with fiber laser cutting machine .The fiber laser cutter with faster beam provide high speed and high precison.LEIMING LASER has new LM3015M fiber laser cutter that can cut the metal sheet and pipe .
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Stable and reliable optical system and a control system
High-performance,imported fiber laser power,stable performance,service life  up to 100,000 hours.
The whole integrated design,funnel about receipts,saving space;
High quality,efficient cutting,speeds up to 25M / min,the cutting surface is smooth and beautiful.
Germany ultra-precision gear, gear rack, Japan rail screw to ensure stable operation XY axis
The LM3015M fiber laser cutter can cut variety of sheet metal,tubes, pipe cutting (with pipe cutting device),stainless steel,carbon steel,galvanized sheet,electrolytic plate, brass plate,aluminum plate,manganese steel,all kinds of alloy plate.
the fiber laser cutting the tube in Youtube:
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