Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet

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G Series fiber laser cutting machine,the main components are:host machine part,control systems,laser device chiller,exhaust fan and so on.

Here is host machine part and electrical control system’s main structure describtion.
Fiber laser metal cutting machine host parts:the host part is the most important part for fiber laser cutting machine,laser cutting machine’s cutting capabilities and cutting accuracy is achieved by the host machine part,including the bed,laser,beam section,Z-axis parts,working table,auxiliary (shields,pneumatic system and cooling system,lubrication system),console,and so on.

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Electric control parts:fiber laser cutting machine electrical control system is an important part to ensure that various type graphics running track,generally electrical control system consists of CNC systems and low-voltage electrical system.
The CNC system is CypCut CNC system,which is based on the WINDOWS system,reliable,and contain 32-bit microprocessor,Internet communication interfaces;the system has the good interpolation computing speed,easy operation,good dynamic performance,load capacity and other characteristics.
Low-voltage electrical system control section located within the cabinet,is interface part of the whole electrical control system. Electrical system used a variety of original components which produced by well-known manufacturers,to ensure fiber laser cutting machine machine's stable and reliable in operation and responsive. Drive motor adopt the AC servo motor,AC servo motor is for driving the X-axis gantry machine,Y-axis slide,characterized by good accelerate performance,quick response,maximum position speed up to 80m / min;the machine’s Z axis is feed shaft,AC servo motor for driving:the Z-axis cutting head,characterized by good dynamic response,which can servo control as well as NC control.

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