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There are many manufacturers for fiber laser cutting machine in domestic and foreign market,the more famous are from German and Switzerland.Fiber technology has been improved,and there are many manufacturer in china.Customers who want to buy the metal laser cutting machine demand on their needs.
Customers need to know the budget and what kind metal materials and thickness then to choose the suitable fiber laser cutting machine.
If the customer need cut the sheet metal and metal tube,can choose the fiber laser cutter that can cut metal sheet and tube.If not,choose the one only cut metal sheet,it saves lot.
We recommend that you look at a machine in the factory and check the stability of the fiber laser cutting machine and make the sample of your materials ,then check the speed and cutting effect.
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Operation should be simple and practical ,the supplier can provide training and the worker can learn fast in short time ,which can save  time and money.Welcome to visit our factory - - -LEIMING LASER

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