Metal Laser Cutting Machine Precision Error Processing

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 After metal laser cutting machine use long time ,maybe cutting precision error occurs, which reduce the cutting qualified rate,then how to deal with it?It can be analyzed from the following five points.
1. Cutting material thickness exceeded. Generally,metal laser cutting machine can cut thickness of 12 or less,the thinner the sheet,the easier it cut,the quality is better. If the sheet is too thick,laser cutting machine is difficult to cut the metal sheet, Even it cuts,the error occurs.So first thing to do is to determine the thickness of the metal sheet.LEIMING LASER developed automatic height adjustment system depending on the thickness of the material can be adjusted.
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2. The laser output power of non-compliance.Ensure that the laser output power up to standard when metal laser cutting machine running the debugger,the higher the laser output power,the better quality of the cutting.
3. The roughness of the cut plate. In general, the more smooth the surface of the cut material, the better the cutting quality.
4. The focus position is not accurate.The cutting precision is not good if the focus of the laser cutting machine is not aligned with a direct impact.
5 Working speed. Cutting speed of fiber laser cutting machine directly affects the machining accuracy ,before the machine is running,determine the cutting speed and material adjustments are appropriate.

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