Metal Fiber Laser Cutting machine Buying Guide

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Fiber laser cutting machine has been widely used in many fields. When customers make a decision to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, there are many aspects that should be considered. 

First, fiber laser cutting machine quality and stability is a very important measure. Good fiber laser cutting machine can output good beam quality, the cutting effect is good. 

Second, improve the utilization of equipment, to meet the needs of the enterprise itself is important. High power fiber laser cutting machine can have high processing efficiency and high cutting speed. 

Third, choosing fiber laser cutting equipment according to their own processing requirements. For example, if customers mainly cut 0.3mm to 2mm thin metal sheet, then 300W to 500W fiber laser cutting machine can meet his need. If he mainly cut 3mm to 6mm metal sheet, using more than 2000W fiber laser cutting machine to cut is appropriate. 


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