Metal Fiber Laser Cutting System in China

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Nowadays, fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in various industries and has brought huge profits to enterprises. LEIMING LASER  has been engage in researching, manufacturing, selling laser equipment for 14 years. We are professional metal fiber laser cutting system and supply good fiber laser cutter to customers.
 Laser cutter for metal with high speed and precision,good performance ,German reducer and lasers device , greatly improved the working efficiency. The machine bed can use more than 20 years without deformation.
fiber laser cutter
Our fiber laser cutter  is specially used for cutting metal plates such as stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized plate, various alloy, etc.
The price of SENFENG products are reasonable and we have reliable after-sale service. Our company has all kinds of fiber laser machines in store, so the delivery time is much shorter.
We often attend different kinds of exhibitions to show our good quality laser machine. Our products are worthy of your choice. For more details about our fiber laser cutting machine, please feel free to contact us.

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Senfeng Laser, as a leading integrated manufacturer of fiber laser machines for cutting, welding, cleaning, cladding as well as electric bending machine, provides various solutions in the field of fabricating machinery with cutting-edge technology.

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