Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine -Rusty Metal

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As we all know that fiber metal laser cutting machine is good tool to cut the carbon steel.But if the carbon steel rust,the cutting effect is bad for fiber laser cutting machine.
As for the metalplate plants ,there are many metal sheets that may use for long time ,and when it's meet the wet weather,it is easy to rust .At this situation, the rusty metal sheet need to remove the rust then cut by fiber laser cutter.If not ,the fiber  laser cutting machine cannot cut through the rusty metal sheet.On other hand ,the metal slag will anti-splash nozzle,and affect the follower of fiber laser .Follower is adjusted the height according to the temperature of the fused mass, so that the mouth plate change. In addition slag will hurt optical system, hurt goggles, collimating and focusing mirror, it can also cause the ceramic body burst.

In a word , the metal dust must beremove when cutting by fiber laser cutting machine.
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