Metal Crafts Fiber Laser Cutting Machine LM3015M

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Fiber laser cutting machine is becoming more and more popular for its high speed and high performance. LEIMING LASER focus on researching laser cutting machine technologies for more than 14 years. Our fiber laser cutter can be used in many industries. Metal crafts can be cut by fiber laser cutting machine. LM3015M metal crafts fiber laser cutting machine can cut metal plates and pipes, is sell well at home and abroad.
LM3015M metal plates and pipes fiber laser cutting machine equips the gripper only for cutting pipe materials, which can drill with intersecting line and cut off the cylindrical metal pipe, and the pipe cutting diameter area is from 20mm to 100mm, it is good for broadening the utilization ratio of equipment. With the cutting ability of metal sheet, LM3015M fiber laser cutter at the same time good at cutting, hollowing out metal pipes such as rectangle tube, round tube, special pipe. Many metal crafts can be processed by this machine, the cutting edge which be cut is very smooth and beautiful. 

LEIMING LASER supply different power fiber laser cutting machine to meet different needs. We have capability to provide more professional, better quality and advanced laser cutting machines. If you want to know more information about our metal crafts fiber laser cutter, just contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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