Medium Laser Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Fiber laser have different laser power. Different laser power can cut different thickness thin metal materials. LEIMING LASER have medium laser power fiber laser cutting machine to meet different cutting needs. 

LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine medium laser power means laser power from 500W to 1000W, can cut stainless steel from 1mm to 5mm, carbon steel from 1mm to 12mm. Our machine also can cut high reflective materials such as aluminum and brass. The cutting speed depend on the materials and thickness. Our fiber laser cutting machine dedicated software enables graphic or text to instantly desighed or processed, flexible and easy to operate.


LEIMING LASER is a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer with 14 years experience. Any auto-control supporting solution and related equipment can be designed and customized by LEIMING LASER for meeting special processing requirement. For more information about our fiber laser cutting machine, just contact us soon.


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