Maintenance of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Do daily maintenance before running the fiber laser machine, Stop the machine and check it if there is unusual sounds.When shut down the machine, clean the work table and around of the machine.Do not place unrelated items.
Check the oil level of centralized lubrication pump  ( if insufficient,timely filling oil), and adjustments to the lubrication pump refueling time, guarantee that the X-axis guide, Y-axis guide, Z-axis guide and screw fully applied lubricants, make sure of machine precision and extend X, Y, Z axis guide life; when the fiber laser cutting machine  sound bigger, checking gear rack lubrication, timely filling oil.
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b Clean dust of linear guide and screw on the Z axis once a week.
c Clean the outlet and furnace filters weekly.  
d Check the cooling water level, if insufficient add it in time.
e Check the mirror and the focusing mirror, cleaning optical lenses every half month, in order to ensure its service life .
f Checked filter in the gas line, and remove fluid and debris.
g Check the cables and the line of distribution cabinet ensure the normal use .
h After six months , the fiber laser machine need re-adjusted to ensure precision .
Check the cables whether there is scratched,and the line of distribution cabinet .

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