Maintenance method of fiber laser cutting machine linear guide

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Linear guide is a component part of fiber laser cutting machine. Linear guide is a tool used for reciprocating motion in a straight line. This tool can achieve high precision linear motion at high load conditions. 

As one of the core components, the function of linear guide is guide and support. To ensure fiber laser cutting machine have high performance, the linear guide of the machine is required with high precision and high stability. Here are some methods to maintenance linear guide of fiber laser cutting machine. 

First, unplug the total power of the machine, press machine switch a few times to release the static.

Second, remove the guide rail of the machine, wipe the rail surface oil and waste residue. 

Third, drop a few drops of lubricant on the linear guide, then let the linear guide move back and forth a few times to make sure that the guide is lubricated everywhere.

Last, install the linear guide, turn on the power supply of the machine, then press the switch. 


We recommend customers to maintain the linear guide every half a month. Because the maintenance can not only prolong the life of the fiber laser cutting machine, but also improve the cutting precision and quality. As a large cutting equipment, fiber laser cutting equipment need maintenance regularly to make sure every part in good cutting condition. 

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