Maintenance Methods of Air Compressor for Fiber Laser Cutter

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The air compressor is a component part of the metal laser cutting machine system. The maintenance methods of air compressor for fiber laser cutting machine are as follows.

For the maintenance of motors, it is better to maintain them according to the instructions.

Drain valves need to drain water and dirt regularly every 2000 hours because it will affect the health of the air compressor.

Transmission belt inspection and wear supervision. According to the wear and tear to determine whether replace belt, otherwise it will affect the transmission work.              

The oil filter of the air compressor is an important component need to be replaced at regular intervals. Special care should be taken to replace the oil filter so as to avoid damage or fall.


These are the maintenance methods of fiber laser cutting machine air compressor. If you want to learn more information about maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact us.


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