Maintenance Measures of Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Tool

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After the fiber laser cutting machine is put into production, the fiber laser cutting machine need to be maintained after a period of operation. The main purpose of maintenance is as follows. 

By maintaining the fiber laser cutting machine, to keep the machine with clean appearance. Cleaning the cutting waste material in time to prevent the fire from cutting, at the same time to guarantee the cutting quality. 

Ensuring that key parts of the fiber laser cutter machine tool with good lubricity, prolong the service life of relevant components. Therefore, fiber laser cutter machine tool need to be maintenance. 


In the use of fiber laser cutting machine, different materials and different thickness metal sheet need different diameter nozzle. It need to be replaced according to the materials and thickness. Otherwise it is easy to damage the cutting nozzle and even damage the machine. After changing the cutting nozzle to adjust the focus, it is necessary to ensure that the cutting nozzle and laser beam concentric, and then can do laser cutting. 

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