Leiming Metal Fiber Laser Cutters will Play Important Role in the Belt and Road

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Silk Road economic zone strategy covers Southeast Asian economic integration, covering the economic integration of Northeast Asia, and eventually integrated into Europe, the formation of the Eurasian continent economic integration trend."the belt and road" economic zone opened, the contracted project exceeded 3,000. In 2015, China's enterprises on the "one way" related to 49 countries were direct investment, investment increased by 18.2% year on year.As the laser machine manufacturer,I belive our leiming metal fiber laser cutters will play important role in the "belt and road".


Because leiming metal fiber laser cutters can be applied in furniture decoration industry,machinery industry,food machinery,auto industry,advertising industry and more.The fiber laser machine can cut metal sheet and metal tubes such as stainless steel,carbon steel,aluminum,brass,copper,etc.Leiming laser will cooperate with more and more company in the "belt and road"economic zone.More detailed information about leiming metal fiber laser cutters,please feel free to call us +86-531-88737923 or e-mail us sale@lmcnclaser.com ,www.cnclaserlm.com .

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