Leiming Fiber Laser Metal Cutter Applied in Kitchen Ware

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Types of kitchen ware of food preparation containers, commonly found in a kitchen.There are many choices of materials for cookware ,cabinetand bakeware items ,for example,aluminum,coper,stainless steel,carbon steel.The thickness is more or less 1-2mm.In order to cut these thin metal with high precision and fast speed,fiber laser metal cutter machine is applied by more and more kitchen ware manufacturers.Because the fiber laser machine is good at cutting thin metal with smooth edge and no need second process.
As the manufacturer of fiber laser metal cutter,Leiming laser also designed special machine to meet the fast developping of kitchenware industry.We supply 300w to 4000w fiber laser machine which can cut up to 24mm carbon steel,maximum 10mm aluminum and coper,12mm stainless steel.Here is some metal cutting sample

kitchenware steel fiber laser

One of our Iran customers is in the kitchen ware industry just right,he need to cut 1-2mm stainless steel and want perfect speed.We recommended IPG 700w fiber laser and now it works well in his factory.If you want to process metal sheet and would like to know details about leiming fiber laser metal cutter,feel free to call us +86-531-88737923 or e-mail us sale@lmcnclaser.com , we will give you technical parameters for your reference.  www.cnclaserlm.com .

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