Laser Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Drilling Metal

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The fiber laser cutter machine can cut the metal sheet with good advantageous,and also the fiber laser cutting machine can drilling the metal, let's talk about it .
The factors of fiber laser cutting machine drilling :
Fiber laser cutting machine drilling process is extremely complex thermal and physical processes of laser material interaction.Laser drilling should be based on general principles and characteristics that affect the quality of the drilling parameters include: laser pulse energy,pulse width,the amount of defocus,laser pulse repetition frequency,the nature of the material to be processed.
fiber laser cuting metal
Laser metal cutting machine drilling process measures:
 In order to improve the accuracy of laser drilling, and sometimes need to use some auxiliary craft procedures and process measures, including the following five points:
 (A) applying a positive pressure at the surface of the workpiece or  on the reverse side of a low pressure chamber,can clear the drilling process and to increase the vaporized material discharged liquid.
 (B) The following safety position the workpiece mounted a photodetector that can penetrate or not timely detection of a workpiece.
 (C) the use of a liquid film or a metal platinum cover parts, enabling to reduce the taper hole and prevent splashing liquid.
 (D) In order to timely prevent melt accumulated in the hole, you can put vaporization temperature lower than the melting temperature of the material to be processed into the back of the material to be machined workpiece.
 (E) When drill the hole in the metal,and keep the precision ,the other way to achieve the desired accuracy.The general use of diamond-machining,aperture finishing,chemical etching method,etc.

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