LEIMING LASER Teach You to Buy a Good Fiber Laser Cutter

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Many people need to use fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal sheet. How to choose a reliable fiber laser cutting machine? Today LEIMING LASER will tell you. 

First, customers need to know the cutting range. Do you cut metal materials, do you know the max cutting thickness? Those factors may influence the choose of laser power.

Next, to determine the laser power and the size of the working table. The laser power depend on the materials thickness. The table size can basically in accordance with the needs of customers to customize. 

Then, the selection of laser cutting machine configuration we also need to pay attention to. In particular, the laser, cutting head, servo motor, rail, water chiller, etc. We should distinguish whether those are domestic or imported. These parts have a direct impact on the cutting speed and accuracy of laser cutting machine. 


After-sale service also an important factor that customers to consider. LEIMING LASER is a fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer with rich experience. If you want to know more knowledge about fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.




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