India business trip of fiber metal laser cutting machine

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Yesterday, our sales manager Stan came back from India, he has been to India for business trip of fiber laser cutting machine about 2 weeks. He mainly visited our old customers in this trip, today he shared his experience to us.

First he visited our Shanghai exhibition customer Irshad. Irshad have four factories and mainly manufacturing aluminum stairway. His cutting material is 6mm aluminum sheet. At present, his company does not have cutting equipment, all outsourced to other manufacturers, in order to reduce costs, now he plans to buy fiber laser cutting machine to process aluminum sheet. Stan recommended him to choose 4000W LM4015A exchange table fiber laser cutting machine. Stan invited Irshad to visit our factory because machine details can not talk clear, and Irshad planed to visit us at the end of August.


Stan also visited other customers in India. In the future, we will provide higher quality fiber laser cutting machine to customers. If you want to know more information about our machine, just contact us soon.


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