How to use fiber laser cutter safely

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Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used in many machinery industries. For users, it is very important to use fiber laser cutter safely. Here are some measures to improve the safety of using machine.


1. Follow the operation manual of machine and start the equipment accordance with the above procedures strictly.
2. The personnel who operate the equipment must be trained by the laser cutter manufacturer before they can work.
3. When cutting materials, we must wear necessary protective gear, such as protective glasses.
4. After start the laser cutting machine, a full-time staff must be present at workplace, if you need to leave turn off the equipment.
5. Fire extinguisher should be placed near the fiber laser cutter.

6. During the cutting process, if there have abnormal conditions, we must shut dowm machine immediately. Then find a professional person to test machine problems.

7. After using machine, it is necessary to clean machine timely, make adequate preparations for the next processing.

8. Check fiber laser generator and auxiliary gas timely to enable normal work.

These are meaures to improve safety of using fiber laser cutter. For more using details about fiber laser cutting machine, do not hesitate to contact us.


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