How to maintain focus lens of fiber laser cutting machine ?

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The focus lens of fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of precision optical element. The cleanliness of lens directly affects the processing performance and cutting effect.

If the lens is selected improperly, it will cause large laser loss and damage to the protective lens.

So it is necessary to maintain the focus lens of fiber laser cutter.

1. The material of focus lens is ZnSe, which is fragile.Be careful not to use too much force when disassembling.

2. The surface of lens has anti-reflection film. Skin oil can cause permanent damage to the lens surface. You can work with gloves and special sets. Whichever method is used to clips the lens, it can only be clamped along a non-optical surface, such as the frosted edge of the mirror.

3. In general, it is necessary to check the focus lens before using fiber laser cutter. We often use amplifying equipment when checking lenses because of the tiny defects and contaminants.

4.In addition, sometimes we also need a brighter light to illuminate the optical surface, making it easier to spot contaminants.

5.When cleaning the focus lens of a laser cutter, operators need use clean wipe paper and optical-grade solvent.

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