How to improve working efficiency of fiber laser marking machine

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The purpose of fiber laser marking machine is to improve productivity to the enterprise. So how to improve the marking speed of metal laser marking machine?

The following are several influential factors.

1. Marking density.

In the same case of format, spot, and depth, the higher the density of the marking, the slower the corresponding marking speed. Because the density directly increases the marking area.

2. Marking format.

Since the deflection area of the large-format marking galvanometer is increased, the marking speed of the large-format surface is slower than that of the small-format marking.

3. Marking depth.

According to the demand, if the depth of the marking needs to be deepened, the parameters of the metal laser marking machine need to be adjusted. Increase the power, current and other factors of the metal laser marking machine. Therefore, the marking speed will be affected in these processes.

fiber laser marking machine

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