How to effectively avoid the radiation of fiber laser cutting machine?

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Radiation is everywhere for people. The computers, mobile phones, hair dryers, and copiers that we use are all have radiation. 

The radiation damage from the fiber laser cutting machine can not be underestimated, especially for the human eyes.

How to avoid radiation damage from fiber laser cutting machine?

1Using laser goggles.

It is specifically used for laser equipment, which can effectively reduce the radiation of fiber laser cutting machine.

2. Self-protection of staff.

Staff can eat foods that are resistant to radiation. Generally, there are many anti-radiation foods such as tomatoes, bean sprouts, carrots, animal liver, and so on.These are rich in vitamins AC and protein.

3.working environment.

You can change the walls of the working environment into dark color.

Workers must pay attention to safety when operating the machine.

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