How to choose fiber laser cutter’s auxiliary gas

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As we all know,when fiber laser cutting machine is working,it needs some auxiliary gas, like oxygen and nitrogen.Which gas used is determined by the material and the thickness of the metal.

When fiber laser cutting machine cut carbon steel,it need oxygen to finish cutting work.Nitrogen is the auxiliary gas when machine cut stainless steel.

Why using oxygen when machine cutting carbon steel?First,oxygen react with metallic materials to increase the strength of the fiber laser head.Second ,help the equipment from the cutting area off slag.Third,cooling slit adjacent area.Oxygen is easy to make stainless steel oxidation, and make the surface black.In order to avoid the above problems , nitrogen is auxiliary gas when fiber laser cutting machine cut stainless steel.

So the auxiliary gas play a great role when fiber laser cutting machine working.If you want to learn more about fiber laser cutter,please feel free to contact us.


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