How to Judge the Quality of a Fiber Laser Cutter

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Many factors can influence the cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine. Such as cutting speed, focus position, auxiliary gas pressure and laser power are four important variables. In the cutting process, if you find that the cutting quality get worse, we must check the discussed above and debug timely. 

In general, using fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal materials need auxiliary gas. The problem is mainly related to the type and pressure of auxiliary gas. Under the premise that ensure the auxiliary gas, gas pressure is also a very important factor. The laser cutting practice shows that the purity of the auxiliary gas has an obvious influence of the cutting quality. 


For fiber laser cutting machine, the laser power and mode will also have an important influence on the cutting quality. In practical operation, it is necessary to set a higher power to obtain a higher cutting speed. These factors may affect the quality of fiber laser cutting machine. For more details about fiber laser cutting equipment, feel free to contact us.


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