How to Deal With the Burr When Use Fiber Laser Cutter

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Sometimes when use a fiber laser cutting machine to cut sheet metal, the cutting effect is not good, and have much burr, then many customers began to doubt whether the fiber laser cutting machine have quality problem. It is not. Why fiber laser cutting machine have burrs when cut metal sheet, the reasons are as follows.

When fiber laser cutting machine processing workpiece, the fiber laser source which generates powerful laser focused on objects to cause instant melting and evaporation, to achieve the cutting purpose. There is a core device which we must pay attention to is the auxiliary gas. The function of auxiliary gas is when the surface of the workpiece after gasification, blowing off the surface slag. If not use auxiliary gas, when the slag is cooled, the burr can be attached to the cutting surface, this is the main reason for the formation of burrs. 

Another reason is the quality problem of the fiber laser cutting machine itself, parameter setting also is a factor that affect the fiber laser cutting machine cutting quality. 


How to deal with the problem that fiber laser cutting machine have burr? First, equip with air compressor, using auxiliary gas for cutting. Second, find a professional operator to debug the laser cutting machine parameters until normal.

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