How to Correct the Accuracy of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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After a period of time,there will be some cutting accuracy error for fiber laser cutting machine.The error is often caused by the change of focal length.we need to know how to debug the precision of laser cutting machine.
The method is as follows:
 1. Adjust the laser spot to the smallest ,and burst laser ,and check the size of the size of spot ,we need find the smallest spot of  fiber laser cutting machine where is the best the best position of the focal length of the processing,and then begin processing work.
 2 When debuge laser cutting machine with some debugging paper,to burst determines the accuracy of the position of the focal length,move the position of the laser head up and down,there are various changes in the size of the laser spot size would burst.Several adjustments to find a minimal spot position and determine the best location and the focal length of the laser head.
fiber laser cutting machine
The fiber laser machine in one customers factory 
3 After the installation,fiber cutting machine is equipped with a cut mouth scribing device,cut graphics scribing device,graphic simulation of 1m square.Built with a diameter of 1m circle,draw diagonal corners, respectively, after the draw, with the measurement tool is not the draw circle and tangent to the four sides of the square. Square diagonal whether √2 (square root data obtained about: 1.41m),round the central axis side of the square should be split, and the axis of the two sides of the square to square on both sides of the intersection point of intersection distance should be 0.5m. Distance between the test and the intersection between the diagonal, it can determine the cutting accuracy of the device.
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