How to Avoid Radiation Injury from Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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For people, radiation is everywhere. Mobile phones, computers, hair dryer, etc. all with radiation. Radiation have size, to do self-protection measures can reduce radiation. Today, LEIMING LASER will introduce the radiation injury from fiber laser cutting machine. The radiation from fiber laser cutting machine is not to be underestimated, especially for the human eyes can cause injuries, then how to avoid radiation injury from fiber laser cutting machine to protect ourselves?
First, you must wear the laser protective eyewears to reduce the radiation of fiber laser cutting machine. There are many types of laser protective eyewears that you can choose. Next, you can eat anti-radiation foods to protect yourselves from radiation injury. Common anti-radiation foods are tomatoes, carrots and lean meat, which are rich in vitamin C and protein foods, so the effect of anti-radiation is very good. 


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