How to Adjust Focal Length of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

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Before using the fiber laser cutting machine,the first thing is to adjust focal length of laser head and the materials .If the focus length is up and down,the cutting effect is different for the materials.

metal fiber laser cutting
1 Fiber laser cutting machine focus is above the surface of materials:
Negative focal length - cutting point is positioned above the material to be cut. It is required more oxygen  because the slab cut large pieces,if oxygen is not enough which cause insufficient cutting and resulting temperature drop.A disadvantage is the cutting surface is rough, not very practical for high-precision cutting.
2the focus is on workpiece surface of fiber laser cutter:
-0 Focal length,usually cutting carbon steel plate, the upper and lower surface smoothness of the workpiece is not the same, cutting surface of close the focus is very smooth,and surface far away the focus is rough. Application of requirements and lower surfaces according to availability of cutting .
Third, the focus is on below of workpiece surface:
- Positive focal length. The workpiece is a stainless steel or aluminum plate. The disadvantage is that need more air flow,high temperature when cut in a large surface , and it needs more time to punch the metal .  
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