How can we select a metal laser cutting machine?

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With the development of laser technology and the expansion of market demand, laser cutting technology has been applied more and more widely in the field of metal processing. Many manufacturers have manufactured metal laser cutting machines to seize the metal cutting market.

How can we select a metal laser cutting machine to meet the demand, while at the same time achieving cost-effective, after-sale protection? 

1.See your own needs

Metal laser cutting machine is a tool in the end, fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of metal laser cutting machine with higher precision.Choose the most suitable for your own, use it more smoothly.

The existing fiber laser cutting machines on the market have large power spans ranging from 300W to 12000W. Different laser cutting machines of different powers not only have large price gaps, but also vary in cutting thickness. The 12000W metal laser cutting machine can cut 30mm thick stainless steel plates.At the same time, the working size is one of the factors to consider, 3m * 1.5m, 4m * 2m, 6m * 2m, etc. are more common, the major manufacturers can also customize the processing format according to demand.

Therefore, in the purchase of metal cutting machine, you need to according to your own needs: the processing of metal materials, thickness, working size, etc., consider comprehensively consider the appropriate model.

2.See the actual effect

Due to the actual conditions of the workpieces, the actual cutting thickness, speed, and effect of the metal laser cutting machine often have some differences with the manufacturers' propaganda. Therefore, contact the manufacturer in advance to make a comparison. The comparison of the actual processing results is not possible before the purchase of the metal laser cutting machine. The missing link. At present, most metal laser cutting machine manufacturers can provide free proofing services.

3.Look at the reputation of manufacturers

As a large-scale processing equipment such as a fiber metal laser cutting machine, the manufacturer's qualifications and experience directly affect the quality of the equipment and the after-sales service quality of equipment, choose a manufacturer with rich experience, good reputation in the industry and excellent technical level. Manufacturers are undoubtedly the top priorioty

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