How Atifreeze of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine ?

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How the fiber laser cutting machine antifreeze? Many people may not know how to do.There are measures to atifreeze in fiber laser cutting machine.
1> install air-conditioning or maintained enviroment temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius.

 2> .Run the refrigerator in 24 hours, water will not freeze in the flow-like body.

 3> Adding antifreeze glycol in the water tank.

4>If not Fiber laser cutting machine or do not have state power under long-term,make sure the water chiller tank emptying.
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 Drainage method:

 a.Turn off the power of fiber laser cutting machine,open the refrigerator behind the drain valve and drain the water inside the tank.

 b. Unscrew the filter element within the refrigerator,the water drained through the filter inside.

 c.Unscrew the drain screw pumps ,emptied of water within the pump.

 d. Move the pipe of water tank,marked. With 0.2Mpa (2kg) connected to a gas pipe (φ12) period, emptying the water inside the laser device.

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