High Temperature Alloy Fiber Laser Cutter Machining Difficulties

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Everyone may know that fiber laser cutting machine is an equipment that can cut thin metal materials. When cut high temperature alloy, fiber laser cutting machine have many machining difficulties. Alloy fiber laser cutter machining difficulties are as follows.

First, high tendency of work-hardening. Therein causing the problems of high cutting force, high cutting temperature and serious tool wear.

Second, poor thermal conductivity of materials. Under the action of high temperature and large cutting force, the cutting edge will cause plastic deformation, adhesion and diffusion wear. 

Third, cutting force. The strength of superalloy is more than 30% higher than that of common alloy steel, and the strength of Ni-base superalloy is still higher than that of ordinary alloy steel at the cutting temperature above 600 ℃.


Those are  alloy fiber laser cutting machine machining difficulties. LEIMING LASER can provide good performance fiber laser cutting machine to customers, if you want to know more knowledge about fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.




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