High Quality Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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We all know that the fiber laser cutting machine are widely used in many metal processing industries.The fiber laser cutting systems are more advanced compared with other metal cutting tools.LEIMING LASER is speacially for manufacturing the fiber laser cutter.

 Our fiber laser cutting machine advantages:
 1 Stable Optical system and accessories
 2 Efficient and stable program and control system,easy to learn,compatible with variety CAD drawing,intelligent auto-composition,automatic cutting path matching ,save processing time ;
3 Energy consumption, low cost; high stability, easy maintenance, low maintenance costs.
4 Without molds,flexible processing,to meet the requirements of a variety of shaped workpiece;
5 High cutting efficiency and high cutting quality without noise;high speed,  cut sheets up to 60 meters per minute;good  quality of cutting edge, small deformation,smooth and beautiful appearance.
6 Imported high-precision servo motor, screw, rail, rack and pinion, ensuring accurate efficiency processing and greatly improving the stability and reliability of fiber laser equipment operation;

metal fiber laser cutting machine
In a word,our fiber laser cutting machine can meet customer's demand with good quality .Welcome to visit our factory .
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