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Last weekend, SENFENG and LEIMING group held a 2 days military training. From this training, we gathered a lot.

First, we learned the basic action such as standing at military posture, it is very difficult because we should stand in the sunlight and not move in half an hour. Although the weather is very hot, we  persisted finally and obtained success.

After standing like soldiers, we learned many orders such as “at ease", "attention" , "quick time march", etc. 

We also played tug-of-war game. From the game, we can feel that unity is strength. Only by working together can we have a chance to win the final victory.

The second day, we organized fire drill. It is very benefit to everyone. Once we meet fire, we know what we should do at first.


From two days military training, we gained a lot. We know that success belongs to the persevering. In the future, we will work with greater confidence and enthusiasm. Thanks for the company give us a chance to self-exercise. We will insist in providing high quality fiber laser cutting machines to our customers. If you want to learn more about LEIMING LASER, feel free to contact us.


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