Helpful Hints for using Fiber Laser Cutter in Summer

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Summer is here, rainy and hot, in this environment, fiber laser cutting machine should be preserved carefully, let LEIMING LASER tell you some helpful hints for using this machine in summer.

Clean up dust

Clean up the dust of machine electrical cabinets and electronic devices.High temperature in summer, dust can affect the normal heat dissipation of electronic devices and may damage them. We suggest you to clean up dust after entering the summer immediately. You can use pump, brush to blow off the dust.


Lightning storms, the equipment should stop working to avoid being damaged.


If the environment is damp, we should use electric blowing to dehumidify.

Replace circulating water in time

For long time work, it is better to replace circulating water in time.

Seal lens if not work

If the machine have not work for a long time, we should remove the lens and seal them.

Remove dust of drive component

Dust should be removed from the drive components of fiber laser cutting machine and we should lubricate the machine timely such as screws, guide rails, etc.

We should also check if there is a leak in the workshop, so as not to affect the equipment.These are the useful hints for using fiber laser cutting machine in summer. For more maintenance measures about our machine, do not hesitate to contact us.

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