Great Success in Xian International Equipment Fair -Fiber Laser Cutter

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Fiber laser cutting machine is hot in china , LEIMING people sold 2 set fiber laser cutter in Xi'an fair from March 17th to 20 th ,2016.The LEIMING fiber laser cutting machine are well received by the customers from everywhere in china and abroad.
As the biggest booth in the Xian fair with 216 square meters ,LEIMING fiber laser machine were the eye-catcher all the time. So many people visited the booth and checked the cutting effect in site.Lets see the picture on the site:
leiming fiber laser expo
We all know that fiber laser cutting machine is for metal sheet cutting with high speed and high precision , it cut cut carbon steel, stainless steel ,aluminum ,copper,galvanized plate,etc.With the laser powe IPG or Raycus ,the fiber laser cutter is good performance.
Fiber laser cutting machine is widely used advertising signs,the production of sheet metal structure processing,voltage electrical cabinets,textile machinery, kitchen utensils and appliances,subway,train,automobile,machinery,metal crafts,and other industries, applicable materials.
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