Gas of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Gas used for fiber laser cutting machine has two parts: one part is for cutting head,there are clean and dry compressed air, high purity oxygen and high purity nitrogen; second part is auxiliary gas,which is for gas cylinder in the feeding worktable.
Different metal materials select the different gas.

Oxygen is mainly used to cut ordinary carbon,nitrogen is mainly used to cut stainless steel and alloy steel.Compressed air is mainly for thin metal and thin clients is not high cutting effect of cutting.
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Pressure sensor is installed inside of gas cutting system ,ensure that the machine can stop work when the gas pressure is not enough ,to avoid cutting scrapped parts. Pressure threshold can be set by the pressure sensor screws on the top, compressed air and oxygen that use for cutting also be adjusted by control program.
gas for fiber laser cutting
Usage of Compressed air:1 intensify driving cylinder,intensify bench, holding steady the table does not move during the cutting process
2 removal to clean cutting surface.

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