Free Training of Fiber Laser Cutter for Cutting Galvanized Sheet

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A week ago, our engineer Darren came to Brazil to teach our customers Nick how to use LM2513E fiber laser cutting machine for cutting galvanized sheet. Today he come back and share his experience with us. 
On the first day, Darren helped Nick to install the LM2513E fiber laser cutting machine parts. Then he taught Nick how to use our machine to cut. Nick mainly processing 0.5mm-2mm galvanized sheet, Darren taught Nick how to debug oxygen to cut well and how to maintain the machine. Then he guided him to operate the machine independently. Our fiber laser cutting machine are easy to operate, and Nick soon learned.
Darren has told us that Nick are satisfied with our fiber laser cutting machine for the high cutting speed, it greatly improved his working efficiency. Through this busness trip, Darren was more skilled in operating machine. We also learned a lot. If you are interested in our galvanized sheet fiber laser cutting machine, feel free to contact us.

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