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Yesterday, we received an enquiry from Chile customer Anas. In his enquiry, he said he is interested in our fiber laser steel cutting machine, and he wanted to know how to solve the technical service in his country. Our sales manager Julia replied him quickly.

About technical service, for the first time, we send engineer to do free installation and training for customers. The guarantee time of the machine is 3 years, with 3 years, we give online technical support. Once you have any question or technical problem, our technicians will give you the answer in 24 hours by phone, whatsapp, skype, ect. In case any part broken, we send engineer to mend it or send new parts to customers. 


LEIMING LASER have been specialized in manufacturing fiber laser steel cutting machine since 2004. We have reliable after-sale service and good quality fiber laser cutting machine. Any questions about our machine, free to contact us.


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