Fiber laser pipe cutting machine in the bicycle industry

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Green environmental protection has become a hot topic in recent years. More and more people are also choosing environmentally friendly travel ways, such as cycling.

Recently, a bike, called Erembald, caught many people's attention. "Erembald" bike is made of stainless steel with a simple design. And the material is cut by the fiber laser pipe cutter. The fiber laser pipe cutting machine can meet the requirements of different cycling enthusiasts to achieve the desired effect.

Laser pipe cutting machine is a professional machine that can cut various shapes on pipe fittings and profiles. It has the following advantages.

1. High precision.

The fiber laser tube cutting machine adopts the same set of fixture system. Designed by programming software. Complete multi-step machining at one time, high precision, smooth cutting section without burr. 

2. Efficient.

It can cut several meters of pipe in one minute. The cutting speed of the machine is several times that of the traditional cutting method.

3.High flexibility.

This machine can process various shapes flexibly, which enables designers to make complex designs. However, it is unimaginable under traditional processing methods.

4. Batch processing.

Genarally, the standard pipe length is 6 meters. Traditional pipe clamping method is very inconvenient. But tube laser cutting machine can be simple to position, automatic material distribution, automatic correction, automatic detection,automatic feeding, effectively reducing the human cost.

Bicycles can also be created into unique styles because of the unique and flexible processing. LMN6020T is the professional fiber laser pipe cutting machine, it is suitable for cutting circular tube, square tube and other shaped tubes.

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