Fiber laser matters need attention in summer

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Fiber laser is a high-tech device that converts electrical energy into laser energy. Summer is the high season of fiber laser break down. To prevent laser break down, LEIMING LASER will share you with some matters need anttention in summer.   

First, ensure that the chassis is closed. Check whether the cabinet doors are present and closed; whether the lifting bolt at the top are screwed. 

Next, keep the fiber laser on and pay attention to the order of the switches. To ensure the running environment of the fiber laser, please keep the fiber laser in the boot state, only turn off the water cooler in the evening, it can ensure the fiber laser running in good condition.

Last, water temperature setting need to pay attention to. The pure water temperature should be set about 21 degrees, according to the situation can be adjusted between 20~25 degrees celsius. 


These are the fiber laser matters need attention in summer, if you want to learn more details about fiber laser cutting machine, just contact us as soon as possible.


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