Fiber laser equipment requirements on environment

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Fiber laser cutter requirements on environment

On the right hand you can study the requirements demand of install environment ,if you are not clear more or less, just e-mail us by ,

One. The power supply requirements: three-phase AC380V frequency: 50Hz
1.Three-phase voltage stability ≤ ± 5%, three-phase power supply imbalance ≤ 2.5%
2.Power supply using three-phase five-wire power supply and grounding resistance ≤ 4Ω;
3.Machine tools, lasers, chillers and air compressors and other equipment used in the

switch specifications, wire cross-section, connection, etc. See the machine power supply

configuration diagram.
NNote : ① power supply voltage does not allow a sudden jump ;
     ② If you can not guarantee grounding resistance ≤ 4Ω must be repeated

grounding. Method for the purchase of specifications for the Ф18mm standard copper-plated

steel core (copper thickness of 0.25mm) grounding rod 3 (1M / root) and buried underground,

the depth of about 2.5M.
Two. compressed air requirements (air cutting):
1.Displacement: 1.5m3 / min        
2.the supply pressure: 1.2 ~ 2.0Mpa
3.dew point temperature is not higher than 5 ℃
oil content ≤ 0.01ppm solid particles ≤ 0.02μm
Three. Ground requirements:The ground is flat and clean, and the foundation is made on the

basis of the requirements of the foundation map
Four. Environmental requirements:
1.the temperature requirements: the machine is recommended placed in the 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

environment; laser recommended placed in 0 ℃ ~ 25 ℃ environment, such as not recommended

to separate room and air conditioning, so as not to affect the machine life;
2.humidity requirements: ≤ 70% (only laser)
3.dust requirements: ≤ 1mg / m。
Five.installation environment requirements o f chiller, air compressor and freeze dryer :
1.cold and dry machine, air compressor can be placed outdoors, the surrounding environment

must be dry, less dust, rain, etc. and the connection between the chiller and the lantern

can not exceed 10M;
2.If chillers, air compressors and freeze dryer on the indoors, you must ensure that the

dust and good ventilation, the hot air must be discharged outdoors;
Six. Cutting gas requirements: cutting the purity of the gas used to the following gas

purity as a reference, the customer can choose according to the actual effect of cutting

the purity of gas:
Nitrogen: 99.7% (nitrogen or liquid nitrogen) Pu oxygen: 99.5% pure oxygen: 99.95%
Seven. Cooling water requirements
1.must use deionized water or distilled water, if can not do so to use pure water in

replace, but can not use mineral water, otherwise affect the life of the laser;
2.winter frozen areas, chillers should be placed above 0℃ in the environment.
Eight. the laser installation requirements
1. the laser can not run around the equipment of the big vibration , that is, the laser can

not be installed on the ground with vibration(if you can not achieve this condition, you

can choose to dig damping ditch way to shock the machine)

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